Airways were founded to reduce the time of reaching the destination from the source. Now, they are ranked according to the hospitality and in categories including cabin service (such as staff attitude, flight assistance and, foodservice efficiency), ground and airport experience (such as check-in, pre-boarding procedures and, airport staff), and boat experience (such as seat comfort, cabin facilities and comfort, and food quality).

In your life, if you travel abroad or domestically you must try one of these airlines to experience the world-class hospitality that they can provide you and the large airplane you will be traveling in. so, you should sit back, relax and read through this.

Here is the list of Top 10 Airlines in the world and some information about them:

1. Air New Zealand

This Airline was originally from Auckland and was also the flag airline of New Zealand. There are many facts about this airline which are unknown such as they are the best in hospitality. These are the reason that makes Air New Zealand one of the top 10 airlines in the world. This airline covers almost 52 destinations across the globe. Since the year 1999, this airline has been a part of Star Alliance. It operates in almost 20 countries providing 20 domestic flights and 32 international flights. New Zealand airlines are also known the serve the best wine in the world.

2. Singapore Airlines

This airline commenced 47 years ago and is still one of the finest aircrafts available in the world. This airline has won accolades for providing the best first-class suites among all the airlines in the world. This airline has its hub at the Singapore Changi airport. The subsidiaries of these airlines are Vistara, scoot, and Silkair among others. Singapore Airlines covers more than 62 destinations. It commenced its operations on 1 October 1972.

3. All Nippon Airways

Covering almost 97+ domestic destinations this airline is undoubtedly the best in class airlines and also one of the top 10 airlines in the world. The headquarters of this airline is situated in the city of Tokyo. The subsidiaries of this airline are Peach Aviation, Air do, Air Japan among others. The other name of this Airways is Zennikku. The destinations include countries like Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong. All Nippon Airways serves 80 international routes and more than 110 domestic routes. This Japanese airline is considered to be very timely.

4. Qantas 

This airway is headed by Alan Joyce who is currently the CEO of the company right now.  This airline is known for its largest fleet size in both domestic and international flights. Qantas has won accolades being the best intercontinental product that is aboard the Airbus A330. The secondary hubs of this airline are Qantas Freight, Sunstate Airlines among the others. Qantas Airlines was founded in the year 1920 in the month of November.

5. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific Airways flies to almost many destinations all over the world. It is also one of the top 10 Airlines in the world because of their hospitality and the suites provided to their passengers. The hub of this airline is at Hong Kong international airport. Subsidiaries of this airline are Cathay dragons, Asia miles among the others. The cargo airlines of these airways also provide safe transportation of goods across the world. Cathay Pacific is an airline from Hong Kong that serves 200 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

6. Emirates

This Airline is owned by the Dubai government’s investment corporation of Dubai. It was founded 35 years ago, it is a child company of The Emirates Group. This airline covers as many as 167 destinations all over the world. The hub of this airline is the Dubai international airport. It has a fleet size of almost 270. The Headquarters of this airline is in Garhoud, Dubai, UAE.

7. Virgin Atlantic

Situated in Crawley, England this Airline was founded in the year 1984. Virgin Atlantic is, however, the commercial name of the original Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited this airline is also its child company. Richard Branson founded this airline and commenced the operation from the month of June in the same year. The bases of this airline are Gatwick Airport among the others.

8. EVA Air

EVA is the other name for Evergreen Airways which is situated in Taoyuan International Airport near Taipei. This airline covers almost 62 destinations including cargos. This airline is associated with the star alliance. The subsidiaries of this airline are Uni Air, Concord Pacific Corp among others.

9. Qatar Airways

This airway is owned by the state and is operated from Doha which is where the Headquarters if Qatar Airways are present.  It covers 172 destinations in the world. The subsidiaries of this Airline are Qatar Airways cargo used for shipping goods such as pharmaceuticals and other important products.

The CEO of this airline is Akbar Al Baker and the hub is Hamad International Airport. Qatar Airways is the only airline to enter the list five times in a row, according to Skytrax. This survey was conducted on more than 21 million respondents. In terms of facilities, Qatar Airways is known as a game-changer. The latest innovation is the existence of a double size bed as the main facility.

10. Virgin Australia

Australia’s largest airline was operational from the month of August in the year 2000. The Alliances of this airline are Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines. The hubs of this airline are Brisbane Airport, Sydney Airport, Auckland Airport among the others. The headquarters of this airline is in Brisbane, Australia. This Airline has won accolades for its spacious and large cabin in the Boeing 777 fleet.

These were some of the best airlines in the world. The information provided here might help you know more about the Airline that you may not have known before. These airlines fly over many destinations across the world. Whenever you take a mode of transport you might also be worried about the cleanliness and its hospitality, quality of services and so on. If you want to travel anywhere travel in world-class flights listed above.