The film industries all over the world are filled with beautiful actresses that steal the show with their stunning looks. They portray the perfection of their skin, body, hair and they take utmost care of them. They are the epitome of grace and perform flawlessly. You can find more details about them and their career online but do go through this article. Most of the actresses have already won beauty pageants such as the Miss World or other similar pageants. The most prestigious title of all is the Miss World in which beautiful women all over the world come together to compete and win the crown. Here is the list of top 10 actresses who are deemed to be the most beautiful in the world.

1. Alexandra Daddario

She was born on the 16th of March 1986. She rose to fame from the movies that were released in 2010 such as San Andreas, Baywatch, True detective, and the American Horror Story. At the young age of 16, she started her career in acting. New York was the place of her birth and she lived there for a while. Her parents are Christina and Richard Daddario both of them are a lawyer and a prosecutor respectively. Her siblings are also actors namely Mathew Daddario and Catharine Daddario.

2. Deepika Padukone

She was born on the 5th of January 1986.  The badminton champion Prakash Padukone is the father of this beautiful actress. She rose to fame right after the film Om Shanthi Om. She has done numerous commercials for Liril, Limca and also was the cover-girl of Maybelline. She has won many accolades in her modeling career as well as in acting. She is married to Ranveer Singh who is also an actor. She was born in Copenhagen. She is also praised for her versatile acting in various genres in the Indian Cinema. She stands tall with a height of 5’9”. 

3. Margot Robbie

This Australian beauty is known for her flawless acting in the movie Suicide squad. She was born on the 2nd of July 1990. She has won many accolades for best actress from the Academy award. Her fame knew no bounds after her character Harley Quinn and Tonya which bagged her the award. She has starred in many movies such as the I,Tonya, The Wolf of Wall Street, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Suicide Squad, Focus, Pan Am among the others. She was born and brought up in Dalby situated in Queensland, Australia.

4. Emma Stone

Featured in Forbes Celebrity 100 and also the 100 most influential people in the world by Time this American actress started her acting career at a very young age. She is famous for her roles in The Amazing Spider-Man as Gwen Stacy which got her maximum recognition. She has also acted in movies such as Zombieland and its sequel known as the Zombieland: Double Tap. She was born and brought up in Scottsdale situated in Arizona. This beautiful actress was born on the 6th of November in the year 1988.

5. Urassaya Sperbund

She was born on the 18th of March 1993 in the city of Pattaya situated in Thailand. She rose to fame after movies namely The Crown Princess, Neung Nai Suang, and so on. Urassaya Sperbund is said to be half- Norwegian and half- Thai. She is lovingly called as Yaya. She also is known to be the first one to receive friends of Louis Vuitton’s title. US Vogue magazine featured her too.

6. Jin-Ah Im

She was born on the 14th of September 1991. This Korean beauty rose to fame after acting performance in movies such as kill it, Gut waipwe – The Good Wife among other films. She is also a member of a band in Korea named as Orange Caramel and After School. She was born and brought up in North Korea. She is popularly known as Nana and people know her by that name. She is also a well-known singer. This beautiful actress has posted all about her careers in her social media handles.

7. Charlize Theron

She is known for her versatile acting in Hollywood movies both as the lead and a negative actress. She started her acting career at a very young age. She was born and brought up in the Transvaal province situated in South Africa. She has starred in many high budget films that were loved by the audience such as The Fate of the Furious, Snow White and the Huntsman among the others. She has also produced movies starring herself in Long Shot and the Burning plain among others. She was brought up in South Africa in the city named Benoni.

8. Scarlett Johansson

Loved by many as the Black Widow from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She kick-started her acting career right from her childhood playing various characters she also played a role in Home alone 3 in the year 1997. She starred in films like Iron Man 2, Ghost in the Shell, Lucy. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She was raised in New York. This 35-year-old beauty was born on the 22nd of November.

9. Aishwarya Rai

This Indian actress is known as the epitome of beauty and people all over the world have lauded her beauty. She became famous before her acting career because of Miss World which she won in 1994. She married Abhishek Bachchan and has a daughter. She has acted in more than one language in the Indian film Industry and also set foot in Hollywood in movies such as Pink panther. She was born on the 1st of November 1973.

10. Vanessa Hessler

Schauspielerin Vanessa Hessler (Italien) posiert am Mittwoch (16.01.08) bei einem Photocall zu dem Film “Asterix bei den Olympischen Spielen” in Muenchen (Bayern). Der Film kommt am 31. Januar in die deutschen Kinos. Foto: Oliver Lang/ddp

She was born on the 21st of January 1988. She rose to fame after her performance in movies like Le Mille e une notte, Asterix at the Olympic Games and La igila del Capitano. She was also listed in the Top 99 Most Desirable Women for being extraordinarily beautiful in the year 2006. Vanessa married Gianni and had a daughter named Caterina on the 14th of November 2015. This 32-year-old actress is a resident of Italy.