1 Jannat Zubair

Total Followers – 19.2 Million
Total Likes – 415 Million
The undisputed queen of Tiktok in India, Jannat Zubair is also a famous TV actor. She’s won the hearts of the Tiktok community with her charm and talent. She currently enjoys the largest following in India when it comes to the most popular female Tiktok stars in India.

2. Garima Chaurasia

Total Followers – 14.9 Million
Total Likes – 324.6 Million
Garima Chaurasia is facing stiff competition from some other female Tiktokers but currently sits at the 2nd most famous female Tiktok star in India. She on over the community with her witty and often charming videos.

3. Nisha Guragain

Total Followers – 14.1 Million
Total Likes – 301 Million
Nisha Guragain is known for her beautiful smile and has managed to win the hearts of the Tiktok community. She has over 14 million followers and is growing at breakneck speed on the platform.

4. Arishfa Khan

Total Followers – 12 Million
Total Likes – 344 Million
Arishfa Khan has seen a huge spike in her followers over the past couple of months and she can be counted among the most famous Tiktok stars on the platform at the moment.

5. Avneet Kaur

Total Followers – 14.2 Million
Total Likes – 283 Million
Avneet describes herself as an actor and dancer and she’s managed to win over a lot of followers on Tiktok. Her popularity has seen a steady increase over time.

6. Sameeksha Sud

Total Followers – 10.4 Million
Total Likes – 317Million
Sameeksha is the only female member of a popular Tiktok group known as #teentigada and is currently one of the fastest-growing stars on the platform.

7. Aashika Bhatia

Total Followers – 9.5 Million
Total Likes – 225 Million
One of the cutest and most popular female Tiktok stars on the platform. She has seen a steady increase in her followers and it’s growing consistently.

8. Nagma Mirajkar

Total Followers – 9.6 Million
Total Likes – 214 Million
Nagma is often seen doing videos with another popular Toktoker Awez Darbar and currently enjoys a huge fan following of her own.

9. Saloni Singh

Total Followers – 8.5 Million
Total Likes – 293 Million
Saloni Singh is known for her comic videos on Tiktok and is currently one of the fastest-growing female stars on the platform.

10. Rugees Vini

Total Followers – 7.6 Million
Total Likes – 180 Million
Rugees Vini is one of the most popular female stars on Tiktok and she often is seen doing videos that are humorous in nature.

# Name of Tiktoker Followers
1 JANNAT ZUBAIR 19.2 Million
3 NISHA GURAGAIN 14.1 Million
4 ARISHFA KHAN 12 Million
5 AVNEET KAUR 14.2 Million
6 SAMEEKSHA SUD 10.4 Million
7 AASHIKA BHATIA 9.5 Million
8 NAGMA MIRAJKAR 9.6 Million
9 SALONI SINGH 8.5 Million
10 RUGEES VINI 7.6 Million