Back in those years during the beginning of the world, people never bothered to cover them. It may sound weird now, but that is the truth. People didn’t think about dressing up themselves. After a few years, they wanted to cover them to protect themselves from external hazards. So, they started covering whatever they found like leaves and tree trunks.

When civilization began, people came to know that they could weave and produce their clothes. That’s how the history of clothing came into the picture. Later after that, with the help of the advancement of technology, people started creating different types of fabric and dress types. 

1. Armani

This clothing company is named after the founder Giorgio Armani. This clothing brand is more popular among Hollywood stars. The overall brand value of Armani will be $3.1 billion. They design and manufacture not only ready-to-wear dresses but also shoes and other accessories. They market these items under several labels. Among the different labels Emporio, Armani and Exchange are the costliest.

This brand became more popular because it is the best suit-seller. Their tailoring and glamour are impeccable where their competitors cannot stand against them. The material will provide high-class comfort. They stand in the 10th position in the list of top 10 biggest clothing brands in the world.

2. Fendi

This clothing brand was established in the year of 1925 by Edoardo Fendi and Adele. The overall brand value of this clothing brand will be $3.5 billion. They became popular among the people as they provide world-class dressing. They also manufacture other products like accessories, leather goods, cosmetics and many more.

It also became famous for its series of handbags called Baguette. This brand is always on trend because they never go out of style. They clearly understand the requirement of their potential and valuable customers and hence provide the best out of their ability. They stand in the 9th position in the top 10 clothing brands of the world.

3. House of Versace

It is an Italian company found by Gianni Versace in the year 1978. They produce high-class Italian made suits and other leather accessories. The overall brand value of this clothing brand will be $5.5 billion. The current revenue of this popular brand is about $1 billion. This popular brand is the most profitable clothing brand in the world.

The House of Versace is known for its cocktail, intrigued embellishments, iconic gowns, and vivid print dresses. They also introduced many other types of dresses. Thus, the House of Versace stands in the 8th position on the list. 

4. Burberry

This popular clothing brand has its origin in London, England. It was established by Thomas Burberry in the year 1856. Burberry focused more on the outdoor attire but later on with time and advancement in thoughts, they moved into the high fashion market.

They stood unique by developing a material called Gabardine. This material is waterproof and breathable. They also stood ahead among their competitors by manufacturing special trench coats, pattern scarves, and other similar accessories. It stands in the seventh position. 

5. Ralph Lauren

They became popular because they manufactured both the mid-range products and luxury outfits. The overall brand value of this famous clothing brand is around 6.6 billion. They mostly concentrate more on luxury outfits as they promise to provide you a chance to live a royal life as you wished by wearing Ralph Lauren outfits. It stands sixth in position.

6. Chanel

It is a luxury fashion brand that stands fifth in position. They are found by The Wertheimer brothers. The overall brand value of this company is about $6.8 billion. This brand is well known for women’s clothing. The company promises to give the utmost comfort to those women who wear Chanel outfits. This brand is also one of the most expensive clothing brands in the world.

7. Prada

This is also one of the most popular Italian clothing brands. The overall brand value of this famous clothing brand is about $7.3 billion. This company was established in the year 1913 by Mario Prada and was named after him. This brand is more famous for Women wear and every girl loves to wear this brand.

They feel pride in wearing this brand. They provide dresses with outstanding design, amazing color combinations, and impeccable matching. This brand stands fourth in position.

8. Hermes

This popular brand was established by Thierry Hermes in the year 1837. This brand has an overall brand value of $10.6 million. This is the oldest yet most popular brand in the world. It has been successful throughout the journey of its 127 years. They are not only for ready-to-wear dresses but also famous for its silk scarves and bags. This brand stands third in position in the overall list of popular clothing brands.

9. Gucci

Gucci brand is not only famous among the Hollywood stars but also Bollywood’s favorite. Choosing this brand will make you look at your best for a red carpet event. The overall brand value of this popular brand is about $12.4 million. This company was established in the year 1921.

This popular brand produces the most expensive clothes which provide high-class comfort and luxurious look and hence stand 2nd in the overall list.

10. Louis Vuitton

This is the brand that tops the list of top 10 world’s best clothing brands. The overall brand value of this popular brand is about $28.1 billion. This brand deserves to be in the first position because of its excellent tailoring, luxurious comfort, and high-quality standards. They make us feel better by wearing their clothes.