Horror movies are incredible entertainment. The sudden appearance of the ghost, the twist in the plot, the costumes, and the background, the sound effects can make us go crazy. It can take us to another world of excitement, stillness and wow. It is very important for every one office and experience at least some of the movies that are mentioned below and know what you miss out.

It cannot be just taken as a pastime on vacation. Some of the great movies are disturbing and thought-provoking. It is sometimes weird to experience something unpleasant. But you know, it is safe fear. It is like an adventure that you force yourself to encounter and have fun in overcoming the fear. The inevitability of the audience’s interest, dramatic irony, the tension, the music, the plot, and the twist and the engaging screenplay along with the extraordinary performance of the actors can make the movie greatly work and succeed among its audience. 

The ultimate fear of death, the darkness, the creepy and crawling things, carry places, unimaginable disfigurement, dismemberment, suspense-filled with anticipation and expectations and the unusual fear are the salient features of any horror movies. You can find all this without any less in the movies below that enters the 10 scariest movies of the decade you must watch.

1. It: Chapter One

This Movie released in the year 2017. This is about the story of 7 little children who are being organized by their Demons. It is an American supernatural horror film. It was taken after being inspired by Stephen King’s 1986 novel. It is also the first film in the IT series. This film set record-breaking box office records and earned 700 million dollars. It has received many awards and nominations and one of the best films in the year 2017.

2. The tall man

This film came in the year 2012. Both Canadians on French horror films were directed by Pascal Laugier. It is about a young lady who was widowed by her husband. Images of two children printed by murderous people on the first night in a very new home. She fights for her daughter’s life. 16 years later with daughters reunited the house and the things get worse. 

3. Overload

This movie set the new future and Technology controls of all aspects of life before our eyes. A self Identified technophobe called Grey has the whole world upside down. His ultimate aim was to take revenge with his computer chip implant called Stem. A group of American soldiers finds the horror behind the Enemy lines. Movie release in the year 2018.

4. A girl walks home alone at night

This movie is all about Bullied boy Oskar. In his days of luck, he finds love and in his unfortunate days, he finds his revenge. He finds everything with Eli, a very beautiful and very peculiar girl. All of this happens in the Iranian Ghost Town that city. It is a place of death and loneliness but unaware of the people of the town. This movie was released in the year 2014. It is a complete drama horror film making it so much authentic.

5. Scream 4 

This movie is of complete horror and mystery. The protagonist along with her friends visits the Hollywood set. The Woodsboro murders and ghost face killer makes the movie more interesting. The protagonist would be the author of a self-help book. She will reconnect with a couple but luck will not favor and bring the ghost face. It is a great mix of sequels and remakes. 

6. A cure for wellness

The story came in the year 2017. It is all about a very ambitious and very young executive. He is going to describe his company’s CEO from a very mysterious Wellness Centre which is located in a remote place. He recognizes the miraculous treatments and suspects it. He little by little reveals the secrets and he diagnoses him to have the same curious illness. It is a psychological thriller film. 

7. Annihilation

Annihilation was released in 2018. In this, a biologist agrees to a very dangerous adventure and enters into a very mysterious place. In that place, the laws of nature will not apply. The husband of the biologist will suddenly vanish and instead of him, she will take up the assignment. The expedition team will contain a biologist, an anthropologist, a psychologist, a surveyor, and a linguist. 

8. Mandy

A man makes his mind take surreal revenge against demon bikers who shatters and destroys the beautiful life of the man and his wife. They used to live happily in a lonely forest. They used to spend time reading books filled with fantasy. She will catch the eyes of a cult leader. He will make the demons kidnap her. The remains of her will be just a pile of blood shredded bodies. But it all turned dream within a fraction of seconds. 

9. Sinister

Ellison Oswalt, known for his true-crime write-ups travels and enters a house with his family. That house was a place where already a horrific crime has taken place. He starts to research the crime and thinks to write a book on it. He finds much footage across the home. But he gets something that more than he thought. And because of the same, his family and he will suffer so much. The question is about their survival.

10. Insidious

A family will try to prevent and escape from all the evil spirits that try to take away their child. The story moves on with the struggle of the family to find their son who is trapped with the demon. Their son would be in a coma and his soul would be trapped with the demon. They little know about the fearful incident that once took place in the attic. They would try to find out the reasons for the endless sleep. They will continuously explore the paranormal and rediscover the past.

These are the scariest movies of the decade, you have to watch and enjoy yourself.