The richest people in the world did not become rich overnight. They had many unsuccessful years prior and had dealt with a lot of failures. All name, fame, and money earn today is a gift for the hard work, perseverance, and consistency. When all this is done by youngsters, it is even more amazing and mind-blowing. In this article, we will be seeing the world’s 10 youngest self-made billionaires. The List includes the people who are aged less than 40 but have earned more than a billion US dollars.

1. Dustin Moskovitz

The world got to know about him as a co-founder of Facebook. Facebook is now the largest social networking website on the internet. When he was studying Economics at Harvard University, he made up his mind to drop his degree and to work for Facebook.

He holds considerable shares on Facebook. He is also a co-founder of Asana, a mobile application that will help in improving communication. The net worth of Dustin Moskowitz is 3.8 billion dollars. He is 29 years old.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

There is no person on the planet earth without knowing Mark Zuckerberg. His network is 13.3 billion dollars and one of the richest persons in America. He developed an interest in programming right from his young age and started Facemash which is now Facebook.

Certain facts on him can amaze us. When he was just 12, create a messaging platform that was used by his father in the dental office. He is also supporting numerous philanthropic causes. He donated Hundred million dollars to the Newark Public School system. He is just 29 years old.

3. Eduardo Saverin

The 31-year-old, Eduardo Saverin is one of the CO founders of Facebook. He is one of those persons who made the early investment to Facebook. The net worth of Hema is 2.2 billion dollars and he belongs to Brazil.

He has also invested in many other tech companies like Qwiki which is a multimedia website and Jumio which is a mobile payment app. Recently he has also expressed his interest in making more investment in his country Brazil. 

4. Sean Parker

The famous music sharing website Napster was co-founded by Sean Parker. Since his childhood, we had a lot of interest in programming And have even hacked a lot of websites. He also has his hand on Facebook when he has invested.

He has considerable stakes in many internet companies and also Facebook. He has also founded other companies like Plaxo, Airtime, and Causes. The net worth of Sean Parker is 2 billion US dollars and 33 years old.

5. Yoshikazu Tanaka

He is from Japan and has a net worth of 1.9 billion dollars. He is popularly known as a self-made billionaire in Japan and also in Asia. Gree is the social media website which he has founded.

He started to focus on his Internet business and has a company with its headquarters in Japan. His company focuses on developing apps and games for smartphones. He is the richest person in Japan. He is also a member of the famous Business list and is 36 years old. 

6. Maxim Nogotkov

This person belongs to Russia and has a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars. He was attracted to the trading of cell phones and for this, he quit his college studies. Svyaznoy is the largest cell phone retailer in Russia.

Maxim Nogotkov is now into the banking business with the name Svyaznoy banks. The entrepreneur started to explore business at the age of 12. When he was just 12 he convinced his friends to lend money and started business under which he sold software of BK 0010 computer. He is 36 years old. 

7. Jack Dorsey

This 36 years old Jack Dorsey belongs to the United States of America and his net worth is 1.1 billion dollars. He is the co-founder of the very famous microblogging website Twitter.

He got into the list of billionaires with his investment in the square, Inc, mobile payment company. He had his interest in dispatch routing. Yes also created much software which is still used by the taxi cab companies. He is now popularly known as a web developer and a successful entrepreneur. 

8. Nicholas Woodman

Nicholas Woodman, 37-year-old, is also from the land of the United States of America with 1.3 billion dollars as net worth. He is the founder of the company GoPro. The company GoPro manufactures the camera. The specialty of these cameras is their ability to capture High action-adventure photography.

The very famous Taiwan company Foxconn 200 million Dollars in GoPro. He started GoPro with a wrist camera that is capable to capture his friend’s surfing. He found this country in 2004 in San Mateo California. It makes HD cameras to capture all the adventures. And can be taken anywhere.

Recently he has invested in kitchen safe. It is a time lock canister that can help one control craving. He has also started the villain topic organization $500 Silicon Valley community Foundation and started the Jill plus Nicholas Woodman Foundation.

9. Chase Coleman, III

Chase Coleman is the founder of Tiger Global management. It is the hedge fund management company. He belongs to America and has a network of 1.4 billion dollars. He is also the CEO of Tiger Global Management and 38 years old. He was also one of the early investors on Facebook.

He always focused on investing in fast-growing technological based companies. He also comes in the list of Youngest money managers on the planet. The tracks tell that he used to purchase stock from Tech companies before the initial public offering and later sell them off during the initial public offering and earn high profits.

10. Ryan Kavanaugh

He belongs to the media industry popular as a film producer and a film financier. He is the founder of the relativity media and he invests in film production. Before he started his own business he was working for venture capital firms and many other small businesses. He is 38 years old. His total net worth of 1 billion dollars makes it into the list of the youngest billionaires in the world.