A well-leaded political party and politics are all needed for a country to function effectively. A political party can be led well and organized only when the leader of the party is talented. It is said that all leaders are politicians but not all politicians are leaders. So, a politician must try to become a leader and world best politician.

As a political leader, he must be able to make a proper judgment by considering the welfare of the people because a democratic country will work ‘for the people, of the people, and by the people’. A political leader should set an example for his/her followers and there lies the beauty of a powerful and talented politician.

This article is going to walk you through the topmost powerful politicians in the world in the present year. The following are the list of most powerful and efficient politicians of the world best politician:

1. Donald Trump (United States)

From being a famous television show host, a well known real estate tycoon in America, he reached the height of being the President of America in his style. He is the richest and oldest President elected in American history. He is very popular among the Americans, Indians and the other country people as well and thus he secured the first position of most powerful politicians in the world.

2. Xi Jinping (China)

He is the serving President of China and the world’s second most popular and powerful politician. He also leads the Communist Party of China. Recently, he was declared as the Paramount leader of China for life by his party members. He became most popular when he took necessary measures to stop corruption which was widely accepted and welcomed by many people in and around the world. His hard work made him reach the position of the second most powerful politician in the world.

3. Vladimir Putin (Russia)

He is the world’s third most powerful politician in the world. He has been serving as the President of Russia since 2012. He also served as the Prime Minister of Russia. People agree that he is the strongest person in the universe in terms of politics. Because of his untiring work and impeccable popularity, he managed to top the list.

4. Narendra Modi (India)

If there is one personality who made one political party to gain the majority to make a Government alone without any collision, it is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. He is the leader of the BJP party which rules the Indian country.

He also focused more on attracting foreign legacies to invest in India and develop the economy of the country. Because of his worldwide popularity and governing talent, he secured the fourth position in the world best politician list.

5. Shinzo Abe (Japan)

He is serving as the 63rd Prime Minister of Japan and he has the pride of serving as the third-longest Prime Minister in post-war Japan. Being born in Japan, he dreamt of becoming a good leader from his childhood. Thus, he chose Public Administration and graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in Political science from Seikei University. He deserves to be in the list of topmost powerful politicians in the world because of his political skills and development projects which impressed and widely welcomed by the younger and elder generation of the country.

6. Theresa May (United Kingdom)

She is the leader of the conservative party and also serves as the Prime Minister of the UK. Earlier, she held the position of Home Secretary. She has the pride of serving as the longest Home Secretary in British history. She also has the pride of being the second female to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom where Margret Thatcher served the first.

Being a bold lady, she made many of her fellow politicians to look up to her and take her as a role model. And thus, she grew in popularity which made her bag the 9th position in the topmost powerful politicians in the present year.

7. Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel)

Benjamin Netanyahu has been the Prime Minister of Israel for the past 9 years. He has held this role previously in the year 1996 to 1999. He has the pride of the longest-serving Prime Minister in the history of politics.

He was an active participant in many intelligence missions in and abroad. He also received a shot on his shoulder during a war against Syria. He was also the ambassador of Israel to the UNO. Because of his untiring effort for the welfare of his people, he managed to secure a place in the topmost powerful politicians in the world.

8. Emmanuel Macron (France)

Being a Philosophy bachelorette and Master’s of Public Affairs, he managed to become the President of France at a very young age (39 years). In the earlier days, he served as a senior civil servant and later after that as an investment banker. He is such a talented person who secured a place in the topmost powerful politicians in the world at a very young age.

9. Mohammad Bin Salman (Saudi Arabia)

He is the youngest Deputy Prime Minister and the portfolio of Defense Minister. He made many revolutionary decisions in Saudi Arabian history which made him gain a position in the topmost powerful politicians in the world. His revolutionary actions involved the removing of the ban of female driving, limited the religious police powers and opened cinemas in the country. 

10. Angela Merkel (Germany)

She serves as the Chancellor of Germany and also known as the most powerful woman in the world. Being a Doctorate in Quantum Chemistry, she worked as a Scientist during her mid-age. She also served as Deputy Spokesperson of the first German Democratic Government. For her strong and bold moves, she bagged a place in the most powerful politicians in the world.  

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