The powerful countries of the world can never be classified accurately but an overall classification can be done. The powerful countries are classified based on how they shape the global economic patterns, how strong their military and defense forces are, and also based on the pre-occupied policymakers. The US News and the world report have classified the most powerful nations of the world and the list of the countries is as follows:

1. United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a combination of seven emirates. The seven emirates are the following:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Dubai
  • Fujairah
  • Ras-al-Khaimah
  • Sharjah
  • Umm al-Quwain

Of the seven emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most famous and popular countries where the latter emirates are the popular tourist destinations. This country is more liberal and open when compared to the other emirates and this fact makes it more attractive to foreigners. It is one of the richest countries in the world because it is the largest manufacturers of oil and natural gas.

UAE has a solid international alliance and a very strong economic influence. Though their military and armed forces aren’t much power; they are upgrading with time. They are well-equipped with modern weapons. Thus, they stand in the 10th position in the list.

2. Saudi Arabia

It is the most powerful and largest Arab country. It has a strong connection with the United States and the United Kingdom and thus it is considered as a pro-Western Arab country. This country serves as the best opening for the fresh graduates coming from other country universities and also for foreign workers.

It has a very strong political influence on religion and other countries like Pakistan. A recent rule which allowed women to drive was widely welcomed by the people of Arab. Thus, this country stands 9th in position in the list of most powerful countries in the world. 

3. Israel

It is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East. Israel has a high stand of living. Talking about the technology it has an impeccable role in improving the country; it is also the most educated countries in the world. It has a relationship with the most powerful countries like Russia and the United States.

They also have the most powerful and strong militaries in the world. Though they are not as large as compared with Chinese and US militaries, they are incredibly powerful and well-trained. Thus, this country stands 8th position in the most powerful countries in the world.

4. Japan

When it comes to technology, no country can give tough competition to Japan. It is considered to be the heart of technology and it has more advanced technologies than the US. The specialty of this country is that they have highly skilled and most educated people and thus it is economically efficient too. After the US and China, Japan stands third in economic development.

Talking about the military and the armed forces, they are not much strong but has modern and advanced military weapons. The military of Japan is prominently used for peacekeeping purposes and self-defense. This place is popularly known as “The land of Rising Sun’ and thus managed to secure 7th position in the most powerful countries in the world. 

5. France

We all know that this country is more popular and the famous dream destination but the unknown fact is that they are the 6th most powerful countries with the most powerful weapons. They also have a very strong partnership with other countries. They also made a revolution in the fashion industry.

6. Germany

Germany managed to rise whenever it falls and this factor made other countries to learn something from them. It has been the longest powerful country in the world meaning which it has its place in every survey. They have the most skilled and educated people in the world. They have a rich cultural history and one of the beautiful countries in the world. Because of the powerful military forces, they secured 5th position in the list.

7. United Kingdom

Being the permanent member of the UNSC (United Nation Security Council), it has the following countries:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland

The UK is the official nuclear-weapon state and has a strong political influence. Their sense of fashion, technology, and other staffs are impeccable and hence it is known for its outstanding comfort of luxury life. Because of its unbeatable military army, they secure the 4th position in the list of most powerful countries in the world.

8. China

Being the most popular country in the world, it has the largest economy in the world. It is also popular in exporting and thus “Made in China” became very powerful and popular. China has the most popular and powerful military forces. They also have a strong political influence. China maintains a very strong and healthy relationship among other countries like Russia and has a strained relationship with southeast neighbors.

9. Russia

Being the largest country by area, Russia managed to stay in the topmost powerful countries in the world. They cover Northern Asia and Eastern Europe. It is also the largest producer of oil and natural gas. They have the most powerful leader Vladimir Putin and he strived hard to bring the nation to whatever it is now. Thus, this country secures 2nd most powerful countries in the world.

10. United States

The United States is the most powerful country which has the largest economy, best entertainment, and media industries. It also has the most powerful military industries in the world. It has an unparalleled political influence and also remains the powerhouse of the international community. Thus, this is one of the deserving countries to stand in the first position in the topmost powerful countries in the world.