One of the most popular sports in the world is Cricket that unites all people in the country to watch the match and supports their country to win. In cricket, Batting is more popular than bowling and that’s why batsman is so popular than bowlers. All of us have seen player’s performance in the ground, but some batsmen are recognized in cricket history due to their excellent remarkable Performances. So, if you are interested to know the list of Top 10 All-Time Best Batsmen in the world, this article will be beneficial for you.

1: Don Bradman

Don Bradman is an Australian international cricketer, acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. Don Bradman is also known as “The Don”. One remarkable recognition of Don Bradman is that when he was in form, no one could stop him. It was an honor for all bowlers from different countries to take the great Don Bradman’s wicket. 99.94 was his batting average, this is more than enough to describe the whole story of his cricket career. From 80 innings Don Bradman scored 29 Test centuries. 

2. Sachin Tendulkar

In modern cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is known as the top batsmen in both Formats, Tests, and ODIs. Sachin Tendulkar gained most followers for his Records for most centuries and most runs in both ODI and Test matches. Records of ODI is dominated by Sachin Tendulkar since he started playing.

The same goes for test batting. Most Men of the Match Awards in ODI cricket history was also the world record of Sachin. Sachin Tendulkar scored 15,921 runs in test cricket. In ODI’s he scored 18,426 runs. Thus, Sachin Tendulkar is a true legend who deserves to be in the second place in the Top 10 batsmen in the world List. 

3. Viv Richards

Viv Richards is the greatest ODI batsman in the world. Also, he is the most destructive and feared batsmen ever among the top best players. In 2000 top cricket experts including Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Jack Hobbs, and Shane Warne voted Viv Richards as one of the five Cricketers of the Century. Viv Richards was also awarded as the best batsmen against fast bowlers by some experts.

4. Garfield Sobers

The best hard-hitting batsmen in the world that people have ever witnessed is Sobers. Garfield Sobers got a lot of fan followers for his very elegant shots. He gained more popularity for his excellent batting average of 57.78 in test cricket with the highest score of 365* runs. He played 93 test matches in which he scored 26 centuries. For this reason, Garfield Sobers is a true legend and a great batsman. Sobers was also recognized as one of the greatest batsmen of all time in the cricket world.

5. Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis is also one of the greatest batsmen of all time in the world. Jacques Kallis is not only recognized as a good batsman but also as one of the excellent all-rounders in the cricket world. In both one day and Test match cricket, He holds more than 11,000 runs and 250 wickets. Jacques Kallis is the only cricketer in the history of the game to achieve this. He is the fifth-greatest batsmen in this list with an average of 45 in ODIs and 57 in Tests. During his active career, Kallis scored 13,289 runs in test cricket and 11,574 in ODI’s cricket.

6. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is one of the most successful Australian captains. Ricky Ponting is recognized as the highest run-makers in his era. Ricky Ponting is in the 6th place among the list of top greatest batsmen as he had scored 41 tests and 30 ODI tons in his career. He is one of the most successful captains in cricket history. Ponting announced his retirement from Test cricket On 29 November 2012 

7. Brian Lara

Brian Lara is one of the top greatest batsmen was known for his long inning in test cricket. Brian has a record for the highest individual runs in test cricket. Also in first-class cricket 501* runs. He holds several successful cricketing records and also topped the Test batting rankings on several occasions. He is a classical batsman with 34 tests and 19 ODI centuries. Without any doubt, Brian Lara deserves to be known as the best left-handed batsman of all time 

8. Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is also known as “The Wall”. His hardworking and talent shows that he has all the favour to be in the list of top 10 Greatest Batsman in the world. Rahul Dravid has a unique identity and an amazing ability to defense the players with patience. Rahul Dravid also played lots of crucial innings in test cricket and ODIs. He deserved this place on this list. With 53 Test Career average and 40 ODIs average.

9. Wally Hammond

Wally Hammond from England team is in the 8th place in the list of Greatest Batsmen of All Time. Wally Hammond was recognized as the best batsman ever with an average of 58.45 and 7249 runs. During the Bradman era, He was quite valuable to his team. He scored nearly 22 tons in 85 test match. In 1947 Wally Hammond retired from his cricket career. 

10. Javed Miandad

One of the greatest Pakistan’s leading run-scorer in Test cricket is Javed Miandad. He is also known as “The greatest batsman Pakistan ever produced”. In 1986 Javed was widely recognized for his historic last ball big sixer against India when 4 runs were required to win the match. He won an international game in that fashion for the first time. With 23 tests and 8 ODI Centuries, Javed Miandad is in the 9th place in the list of Top 10 Greatest Batsmen of All Time.