Mobile phones are being constantly upgraded and have the ability to go far beyond their purpose of calling. They are more like pocket computers, powered by high-performance processors and software, these devices have excellent use in the workplace as well as for entertainment purposes. And when it comes to entertainment, they come to be the most efficient device. Gaming is insanely addictive on these devices, So, if you are looking for some good android games, you have landed in the right place. Here, we bring to you the top ten android games.

1. Candy Crush

One of the most popular games to date, Candy Crush the puzzle-based game never fails to keep the users from playing it more and more.

It basically requires the player to match three or more similar looking candies by using the least number of moves possible and rewards the player according to his performance. Power-ups and in-game purchases are also available which makes it even more fun. Moreover, it’s available for free on Facebook, which means players can share their stats with their friends as well. With so many factors in support, this game ought to be the best one.

2. Clash Royale

Released in 2016, this strategy-based tower defense game may apparently seem weird but can consume hours and hours of time, while the player keeps on progressing through the game.

A wide variety of character cards avail the player to customize and develop his own personal deck in order to crush any opponent that comes up. Each game of only 3 minutes takes lots of strategic thinking and the elixir(the metric, representing troop cost) refills faster in the last minute for an additional twist to the game as compared to its earlier variant, which just makes the game more interesting to try on.

3. Clash of Clans

Ever since 2012, Clash of Clans has rapidly spread across the world and is one of the most addictive tower-defense games for a player to come across.

Offering somewhat similar kinds of troops like that of Clash Royale, Clash of Clans has a slightly different game mechanic, where an army is customized and prepared to take out opponent bases and acquire their resources to use upon upgrades as well as making further reinforcements and troops. Though the graphics may seem low to some players, the success achieved by the game is clearly admirable.

4. Pokemon Go

A simulation-based game that clearly seemed out of the box for an average Android game, Pokemon Go portrays the player as a character from the Pokemon series, who is after Pokemon, building up an arsenal and using them for combat against opponents.

The game uses GPS to construct a virtual map of the area near the player and randomly spawns a Pokemon anywhere near him/her to catch. On approaching it, the player has to use the in-game camera to find it and capture it. Apparently not so cool though, it is worth running and roaming around a place to find some of these and burn some calories as well.

5. Asphalt 8 Airborne

When it comes to racing games, there are many games that certainly ought to be mentioned but, Asphalt 8 definitely beats most of them.

Starting with cutting-edge in-game graphics, intensifying gameplay experience, with a large collection of cars ranging from normal cars to high -performance sports cars; this game has it all.

Added to offline races, online events, options for local multiplayer racing, the game almost seems flawless in its features. Players spend hours and hours, enjoying the variety of maps taken right from the real world and put right into the game. Overall, it is one of the most popular racing games to date.

6. Minecraft Pocket Edition

A survival game with graphics so simplistic that it feels playing something different than just a normal game these days.

Though it supports a smaller map as compared to the original variant of the game as well as lesser enemies to deal with, Minecraft pocket edition still keeps the interest of the players intact by means of the never-ending creativity options that it has to offer. Cutting off trees for wood, breaking down rocks for building materials, the player can shape the world in any way he/she likes to be.

7. Subway Surfers

For an endless-runner game, Subway Surfers seems to be one of the most common games when it comes to Android users. Swiping up, down, right and left, dodging constantly showing up trains, hurdles, and a lot more stuff, the player dives into the game trying cope up with the increasing speed and toppling the scoreboard as well as earning in-game credits to get perks in a game like a hoverboard and jetpack upgrades. Though not too detailed at graphics though, this game definitely is preferred by hardcore as well as casual gamers equally.

8. Temple Run 2

The most popular among the Temple Run series, Temple Run 2, delivers almost the similar kind of gameplay experience as of Subway Surfers. This endless-runner happens to be in a jungle though.

The player has to make his way through various obstacles like tree tendrils, pits and many more. Perks like shields, score boosts are also available. Graphics may be a bit less in comparison to Subway Surfers, but the varied landscape might seem way better. Maybe a bit old, but still this game does not seem to lose its unique touch that motivates the user to keep playing.

9. Hill Climb Racing

It’s the perfect example of a racing game represented in the form of a simplistic package that delivers an addictive experience even in 2D cartoon-like graphics.

All the player has to do is, control a car by means of an accelerator pedal and a brake which keeps the car balanced. The objective is to go as far as possible without the driver getting killed or running out of fuel. As simple as it sounds, this game may not be an extraordinary one, but never fails when it comes to entertaining people.

10. Shadow Fight 3

Much more improvised than its highly-successful predecessor Shadow Fight 2, this game brings an immersive storyline packed into a 3D gameplay experience, where players can compete with online opponents by developing their own fighting styles, based on particular equipment and weapons that they use in their arsenal.

This arsenal includes weapons like swords, staffs, etc, a variety of armor offers a bargain between unarmed combat damage boost and increased defense, also there are special powers linked to weapons and armors. This lets the player’s creativity to make new and unique playing styles to defeat their opponents, as well as evolving to newer weaponry and adapting to it.