Tourism is an activity of recreation. It is an activity of business as well. We call it business tourism. Tourism normally refers to people from one place to another. By and by it grew into a big industry. There are many countries which run only by the revenue earned by tourism. In this article, we will see the 10 most popular tourist attractions in the world.

1. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is a huge canyon that is cut by a great Colorado River situated in the Highest plateau region of Arizona in the USA. One can find the beautiful horizontal layered rocks where the Lava flew years ago. It covers most of the southern United States of America. It attracts a lot of people for its Grandeur and beauty. The geologic events that have taken place can match no place on this earth.

2. Eiffel Tower in Paris

This tower was never intentionally built. This made it more famous. It was designed temporary and by then sections came around the Eiffel Tower during the exhibition. As it became very famous and popular among the people, the plan of destroying it was dropped. If you want to visit the most beautiful Eiffel Tower, go there every evening. You can see it covering and sparkles every 5 minutes in an hour. The beacon will shine over the entire Paris.

3. Colosseum in Rome, Italy

It stands as a great symbol for Romans. It envisages as an amphitheater, but it is not just an amphitheater. It is the total energy of Roman Culture. Reports tell that during the medieval times, the colosseum was used as a castle, symmetry and even Housing Complex. Two-thirds of the Colosseum has been destroyed over time. Thousands of people visit this place now and it has no less reason to top the list of attractive tourist spots.

4. The British Museum

The British Museum is located in the Bloomsbury area of London. This is now functioning as a public institution that is exclusively dedicated to human history art and culture. You should never miss seeing the three human figurines, prosthetic toe, copper coffee house token, clarence truck; Assyrian lion hunt relief, Colossal horse and helmet, and a crushed skull.

You can enjoy a great time with the Round Reading Room. It also has a very large online database of the objects in the collection. Apart from this it also has “highlights database” longer entries over 4000 objects. The popular Exhibition of the British Museum is life and death at Pompeii and Herculaneum. It includes ice age art as well.

5. Stonehenge

Historical and majestic buildings, ancient landmarks beautifully protected in the Stonehenge, Avebury and associated sites. It is recognized as a World Heritage site. When it comes to Stonehenge, it is being as the most structurally advanced ancient stone Hover. Avebury is the biggest stone structure on the planet.

There are some stones which weigh tones. Till now, no one can understand how was it possible in the ancient days to lift all these stones and transport them over large distances. Tourist is usually attracted to this place to see the midsummer dawn that hits the holy place stone.

6. Saint Peter’s Basilica

It is the biggest Church on earth. It is the testimony of architectural specimens from The Renaissance period. This Church was built on the burial site of Saint Peter. Saint Peter was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. He was also the first pope and the bishop of Rome.

It was just true that it is not the mother George of Catholics but still, it is considered as one of the holiest sites of Catholic Christianity. People are very much attracted to this place to also see the Chair of Saint Peter. It is said that it was an ancient which was used by Saint Peter himself.

7. Phi Phi Islands

This is situated in Thailand. First, let us know how to pronounce it. It is Pee pee and not fi. If you are a party lover, this is a great place for you. It is Crowded most of the time and especially during the night. You will be reaching the Tonsai Bay opposite to which lays the beautiful Loh Dalum Beach. One can also visit the Maya Bay, the Viking cave and the Phi Leh bay.

8. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is more than 2300 years old. It all started in the 3rd Century BC. The soldiers, the commoners, and convicts were all made to work on this project. More than 4 lakh of people believed to work in the construction. The construction project was completed in the 16 century. A project that is worked for centuries deserves its place in the list of top ten attractions.

9. Alps

This place is of great Geographic importance. The entire atmosphere of your of Europe has to abide by its influence. It protects certain places from Chill winds and also makes someplace damp. In entire Western Europe, ads are the most elevated mountain.

Mont Blanc is the point of wonder in Western Europe. The Alps is very huge that it contains about a hundred and eighty mountains within it. The Division between the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps is by a Lake Constance. There is a pyramid-shaped mountain in the Alps that is called Matterhorn.

10. Niagara falls

Niagara waterfalls are the largest waterfall in the world. It has the highest rate of water flow. It is a combination of three separate waterfalls. They are Horseshoe Falls in Canada, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls of USA. It is also said that Niagara falls have moved since it is formed. It is a beautiful view to see the island the separately American and Canadian Falls.

More than 30 million visitors come to see Niagara Falls every year. It is over 10,000 years old and before which it was just pure ice. It is also a home of two biggest hydropower electricity phenomenal amounts of electricity to the United States of America.